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VinPlus has developed its DealerVision™ catalog of analytic reports to assist R&R dealers with optimizing their DMS and gaining access to data and information to better manage their business operations. Whether you need better information on sales, accounting , vehicle and parts inventory or F&I, VinPlus can quickly deliver the required analytic reports with DealerVision™. DealerVision™ reports run on R&R ERA and don't require any additional hardware investment. A sample of the type of analytic reports are shown below:

CEA - Comparative Expense Analysis
AGL - Advanced GL Inquiry
DET - Document Event Tracking
CAF - Cash Asset Fitness
RCM - Rental Car Management
ROM - Repair Order Management
PUP - Perpetual Parts
GPE - Gross Profit Exceptions
ASE - Automatic Statistic Entries
GCS - Gas Control System

If you would like to obtain a DealerVision™ catalog or more information, please contact us at .