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The only single-entry web-based set of Pre-owned Vehicle Merchandising Services in the industry today.

Process & tools that make pre-owned vehicle merchandising as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Automate Vehicle Content

    VIN-based Content including:
        - Robust vehicle description to trim-level
        - All features and options when manufactured
        - Cross-references to consumer publication positive quotes

    Dealer Specific Data Merged with Content:
        - Stock #, color, mileage, pricing
        - Dealer added options section
        - One-price fast-change screen

    Normalized Presentation of Data
        - Dealer options normalized across database
        - Make, model, trim codes normalized across database

2. Provide Used Vehicle Merchandising Materials

    Robust, high-quality Used Vehicle Sticker...VPStickers™
        - Vehicle sells itself
        - Complete option list
        - One-piece changes

    FTC Buyer's Guide...VinBuyersGuide™
        - Federal requirement
        - Warranty or as-is

    Vehicle Brochure...VPBrochures™
        - E-mail to others
        - Place in glove-box to assist sales
        - "Encyclopedia"

All of the above consumable materials can purchased directly from VinPlus.

3. Update External Website (Dealer or Partner Web Portals)

    Update Popular Websites
        - No multiple page entry for each unit
        - Uses robust content from VINPlus™
        - Consistent content

    Avoid keypunch errors

    Avoid duplicate data

    Value add for dealer
        - Saves dealer personnel time
        - Automated for timeliness and consistency

VinPlus also offers additional merchandising services like VinCertify, VinWarranty™ and VinPhoto™.

Automatically performs branded title check on every unit
No user request or website entry required
Cost-effective, full history reporting
DMS integrated
Pulls inventory from DMS
No keypunch required
Eligibility Filter (EF)
Pass make, model, and mileage through EF
Multiple limited warranty types

100% fulfillment
Extracts all sales data, applies rules
Edits allowed by dealership personnel
Removes non-eligible units
Timely fulfillment
Dealership preview by 6th of Month
Send to fulfillment party 10th of Month
Actionable data
Increased accuracy per contract - No keypunch errors
Reduced labor per contract - No keypunching
Reduced claims without contract problems

Vehicle image processing application
Dealership personnel upload from digital cameras
Multiple images allowed
Interior/exterior images
Value add for dealership personnel
No additional costs
Exports to dealer website
Exports to partner web portals