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VinPlus Fulfillment Services allows dealers and their aftermarket providers to communicate electronically versus fax, mail, or manual data entry. Our solution ensures that securely extracting sales and related transaction information from the DMS to streamline aftermarket contract management workflow and contract fulfillment results in higher profits and increased CSI.

Current workflow involves wasted labor and cost due to manual data entry and data entry errors; lack of proper review of aftermarket product contracts and revenue shrinkage at point of sale.

How to Resolve this Automotive Retail industry's Quagmire?

Real-time reporting to aftermarket providers on completed contracts (e.g. Vehicle service contracts, GAP coverage, Limited Warranty, Anti-Theft systems)
Eliminates high percentage of lost contract sales
Addresses low CSI issues
Assists marketing and sales for faster aftermarket product deployment
Elimination of adverse selection
Reduced overhead expenses in reducing forms wastage, postage and scanning/imaging equipment/data entry
Web-based and rapidly deployed with minimal dealer involvement