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Architected around VinPlus's DataWare™ software platform that runs either on-board the DMS or off-board depending on the required dealer implementation. This state-of-the-art software platform extracts dealership data for participating programs or services and provides DMS applications with external data necessary for participating programs and services by using proven automotive data schemas such as sales, F&I, inventory, service. DataWare™ is the most secure, robust and cost-effective solution in the industry today and is compatible with the DMS. In addition VinPlus complies with the relevant regulatory compliance that covers data privacy and confidentiality such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Do Not Call Registry, as well as the individual dealer agreements VinPlus and or its partners enter into with dealers. DataWare™ is installed in over 2,000 dealers in the marketplace today.

Product Description
Dataware™ is an agent-based middle-ware component that provides rapidly-deployed software applications and processes for the purpose of information extraction and database updating. Along with the "data", the product provides the soft"ware" necessary to configure, codify, and execute complex extraction and update functions.

Traditional Model
DMS providers have tools for getting data in and out of their own systems. But tools alone will not provide the feature/functionality, rapid development environment, or product life-cycle control required for large-scale, third-party product or service deployments.

VinPlus Fulfillment Model

DataWare™ Model
Dataware™ being a DMS-agnostic model is technically superior to traditional tool-based deployments:

One interface specification for third-parties dramatically lowers development costs
Software wrapper gives third-parties greater control of their own development processes


Why dealers Need DataWare™
Dataware™ provides all the necessary audit trails so that the Dealer is in full compliance with the new laws regulating the safeguarding of consumer information. Don't be fooled into thinking that anyone else has this responsibility or can provide adequate safeguard measures. The dealer organization or principal is ultimately liable.

Who is getting your data today?
The answer to that question is, "who knows".

Do you know? Most Dealer Principals do not know. How would you find this out?

There are reasons why you don't know:
Your data is "pulled" out of your DMS by vendors and others who dial-in to your modems.
"Pulled" data is just that - the vendor decides when they will get your data and what they get. You have no audit trail to effectively or legally show what information you gave out.