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Personal Information
VinPlus LLC recognizes the importance of protecting individual privacy on the Internet. We consider personally identifiable information such as customer name, address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail address, company name and title to be confidential. As a result, this information is securely stored in our database and is not made available to outside parties that are not directly involved with the purpose in which the information was gathered.

Personally identifiable information may be collected with VinPlus's products and services. This information is only shared with a particular dealer and or business partner provided that information is used strictly within the bounds of the existing contractual agreement with that dealer and or business partner. You may opt-out of any unrelated use of information by contacting .

Respect for Competitive Information
Due to the nature of certain VinPlus solutions, VinPlus may acquire sensitive information from competing entities. We do not share this information or use it for any purposes other than those described in the established agreements with each of our clients. We strictly maintain accurate, honest, and impartial business relationships at all times.

VinPlus recognizes the sensitive nature of our clients' data. We have implemented numerous measures to ensure its security, including building redundant security measures into our technology, co-locating our servers at state-of-the-art facilities, providing strictly controlled Web access to our services, and establishing disaster recovery plans.