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Bill Russo, Founder and CTO
Bill has over twenty years experience in developing software solutions to the automotive retail sector. These innovative solutions have enabled dealers, OEMs, financial services and other companies to better manage their business operations and data & information requirements to drive profitability and revenue growth.

In 2005, Bill leveraged his entrepreneurial talents and formed VinPlus LLC.

Before that Bill was with Technology Outsource Group (TOG), a company he formed in 1999 to develop DMS-agnostic solutions to the automotive retail marketplace. In 2003 TOG forged a strategic alliance with NAT Inc.

In 1990, Bill founded Car!nk, Inc. to provide rapid-deployment and sales-critical solutions to ADP Dealer Services, with an emphasis on large multi-franchise dealer groups. While there, he launched several new products including Laser Scan for vehicle inventory control, Sales Kiosk for remote vehicle and customer-centric selling, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, and a standardized Fleet System which used F&I to mass produce fleet entries.

He also led a team that developed ADP's first on-board CRM solution, and significant customized ADP applications for United Auto Group. Additional products included Data Pump, which was used at all ADP and R&R stores to normalize data roll-ups and operation reporting. He also integrated ADP's solution into service modules for Carmax. Bill sold Car!nk, Inc. to ADP Dealer Services in 1997, continuing on as general manager for the business until 1999.

In 1986 Bill founded Megasys, Inc., a provider of full DMS system and applications that later merged application sets with ADP Dealer Service in 1989. Additional positions included four years as vice president of Information Systems for The Collection Group, a leading franchise dealer of luxury brands.